High Vibe Living

How to Eat, Live, Love into a Higher Vibration

So, I've been taking some time off to cultivate. My mind can be a barrage of conflicting ideas, information, and desires all at once, and it's easy to get mucked up in that when it's happening. Which has led me to this topic... How can we raise our vibration? Our energy? Our positivity? Our intentions? Everything is so deeply connected in the mind, body, spirit ecosystem that it's easy to forget how much one affects the other. Eat like shit? Feel like shit. No positive outlet? Chaotic thinking. No space for yourself? Feel overwhelmed and resentful. It all plays into each other. Here's what I've been doing lately to raise up. I gotta say... it's helping so damn much. 

- AVOID TOXICITY. In general. Check your home products. Check your relationships. Check yourself. If there's some negative patterns going on, Change them. You can, I promise you. I've had to change so many negative patterns over the course of my life and as damn hard as it was. I did it. I'm doing it. You can too. 

- MEDITATE DAILY. I know a lot of us are intimidated by it. Hell, I am half the time, but I have been forcing myself to do meditate in the morning and before bed, every single day this past month. I've been doing some great work. Silent meditation and Energy work meditation both are powerful and necessary. Energy work meditation is really about visualizing. So Try a visualization meditation once a day. It can be 10 minutes. Less even. But you will appreciate flexing that brain of yours to go somewhere else and create. 

- EAT WELL. Eat a whole food diet. It's not as hard as we think it is. Start making your own food. Read ingredients. If you don't recognize an ingredient, avoid that food. Eat more raw foods. They say that psychic development diets mimic high raw vegan diets. Don't think of it as a diet though. Think of it as how you would want to eat. 

- MOVE YOUR BODY. We want to keep are energetic channels free and flowing. I know that sounds like new age nonsense... but in reality it's science. Think of your circulation system. Think of your lymphatic system. Think of how stagnancy can affect these systems of the body. Again, thinking holistically. Ill effects on one system affects them all. So practice yoga, Or run, Or dance. Anything at all that keeps you moving, boosts endorphins or feel good chemicals, and helps your soul shine. Plus it feels really good to take care of you.

- FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. Even if it's a little bit in your free time. What connects you to your inner child? What makes you feel like you are doing what you're meant to do? Do that. When we establish a loving connection with our inner child, we help nourish a compassionate connection with our adult human selves.

- PLAY OUTSIDE. Breathe it in. Admire the Earth, the Soil, the Wildlife. We're Animals after all. Spend time getting in touch with Nature to get in touch with your nature. It's so so so important. We're meant to live under the sky. Don't shut it out, or shut yourself in. 

- HELP OTHERS. This is the big piece right here. Share yourself, your positivity, your kindness, your willingness to help another person out, with the world. Only do as much as your life allows. It's important to set boundaries with this, but it's so important that we don't just live for ourselves. Living for ourselves keeps us locked into a very self centered, borderline narcissistic existence. We know that isn't the point. So... volunteer. Help your friends move into their new place, emotionally be there for loved ones during hard times. This is the real gift. In order to Vibe high, Healing others is instrumental in healing ourselves. 

It sounds so easy on a blog post, right? Application is harder. Try one thing at a time. Again, they all naturally go together so focusing on one will inevitably bring another aspect into question. Change doesn't need to be a cataclysmic thing. It can be subtle, and before you know it... you're there. 

Tess McDaniel