How to bring in Vernal Equinox with Intention

Purify the Soul

Vernal Equinox is a magical time to plant seeds. Also Known as Ostara in ancient times, this was a time for purification, renewal, and to set intentions for the coming months of abundance and growth. Every Spring equinox I perform a little ritual. I love the symbolism of it. It is time to let go of death, darkness, and heavy things, and to willingly invite growth. You can make this 'ritual' or intention setting  completely personal and your own, but I find it a very powerful day to invite some soul shine in. 

Purification is down to the body, mind, spirit, space, and soul. So on this day, I start off with an intention list. What do I hope to accomplish in the coming time of abundance? What do I wish to invite? Then I write a list of the things to let go of. The things that are stagnant and cold to me.  Then, I go about my day, No big deal. At night I take a righteous bath. I put in some healing salts and a few drops of lavender or tea tree, I like to burn Palo Santo or smudge Sage around the house, both powerful purification incenses. 

After, I take 5, maybe 10 minutes for a trataka meditation. Trataka is to gaze upon a flame and contemplate. I light a white candle, and choose to focus on breath and contemplate my path. Visualize my best future. It doesn't need to be ceremonious or weird, but it should be a sacred space to spend with yourself. You could just as easily bust out that chiminea or fire pit and spend time with yourself and with family. I take the list I wrote earlier of what i wish to rid myself of and burn it. You can discard it any way you choose though, the trash can be just as powerful.  I usually break out my cards and do a few readings for insight, but if that's not your belief or style, I'm not gonna push it on you. All of these tools are powerful for setting intention. 

Make this day a symbol of growth, renewal, and shedding skin. It comes slow, it requires patience, but we must grow. Otherwise, we run the risk of stagnancy. Let it go <3 


Tess McDaniel